Review: Slim Sonic Travel Toothbrush

I was asked to review The Stylish Sonic Toothbrush and after seeing the images sent in the request email jumped at the chance! I was immediately drawn to the colours and pretty design not to mention the way it’s packed away making it a very handy travel toothbrush. To see it in a handbag, one might think it is a perfume spray or a small make up brush case, maybe even a stylish pill box. 

When I used the brush, I liked the comfortable grip. It is definitely a travel toothbrush and I wouldn’t recommend substituting it for your everyday toothbrush, however, as a travel toothbrush it is electric and provides 22,000 brush strikes per minute. There is also a replaceable head in the box. It costs €12.95 which sounds pricey for a travel toothbrush but it seems durable and will last only having to replace the heads. It uses a AAA battery which does not come with your purchase. 

MT also loved the pretty design but said she’s going to stick to her Hello Kitty toothbrush!! 



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