A good babysitter makes such a great contribution to family life balance. If you don’t have family that can watch the kids while you have a few hours off, you will need to go to a wider circle of people you can trust.

I was contacted by Babysits in December and invited to join their community to find a babysitter within reach of my home. I was very sceptical at first because I live in a rural enough setting but decided I would take a look at the website layout and company philosophy in any case.

Setting up my profile was an easy process. Details asked for include your contact information and information about the age of your children. This information is then used to link you to babysitters/child minders in your location.

To my surprise, babysitters did feature in my local area. My guess is that this is a well known site amongst college/school goers. There were also professional full-time childcare providers featured.

I searched through the sitters that came in my selection and took time to respond to those that contacted me. There is an internal messaging system on the site that is used for back and forth communication as well as making bookings with each sitter. There is also useful documents listing recommended ways to start your babysitter relationship and information to gather/provide to the sitter.

I now have a very caring, qualified, confident babysitter. I have been out after 8pm which hasn’t happened in a while and life has a great balance back. There is no minimum usage requirement so it can all fit into any type of household budget no matter how tight/generous this maybe.

My Toddler Cooks were contacted by for the purpose of conducting a review. We received a free premium trial. All opinions are our own. 

As well as their website, you will also find Babysits on Facebook and Instagram

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