Who said binge tv was unhealthy?!

I wouldn’t think I’m alone when I say that being a mother to small children and trying to follow tv series and soaps don’t go hand in hand! You can be sure that the moment the kettle has been boiled and you’ve sat down there’s something that needs doing or someone has woke up, got sick, needs and drink, had a nightmare…. I think you’ve got the idea! I have finally got the sneaky solution!! Training! Getting fit! Hop up on the treadmill or out in the fresh air (disclaimer: watch out for poles)…. maybe the treadmill or exercise mat is where it should stay 🙂 and binge watch Netflix as you get fit and healthy! I’ve started it and I haven’t looked back. I’ve ran 20k in a week just to catch up on my favourites. It’s been uninterrupted, I’ve watched what I wanted and all while making myself feel better and get fitter! Here’s to more binging…… I’ll be running marathons next! If you’re more into strength bearing exercises this also works!

Heres what I’ve watched recently:

The Santa Clarita Diet – This one definitely pushed me to 5k!! Didn’t want to get off the treadmill.

Orange is the new Black – I finally fitness to finish the season which I’ve Attempted several times without luck.

Stranger Things:  I have finally caught up with this and am hooked so it’s time to extend my run distances.

Designated Survivor: This is my latest watch.

Chris Tucker Live:  Can’t beat a good laugh.

And here’s what others have watched (aka the kids):

Whisper: This is a new favourite

Lala Loopsy

Bo on the Go: This is an exercise program for kids. It’s worth checking out for these dark evenings.

Lego Friends

Hotel Transylvania

Beat Bugs (always found in recently watched)

Lolly Rock

Annie (the new one and a favourite in our house. If you haven’t seen it you’re missing out!)

The baby sous chef is hooked on Little Baby Bum

and there’s lots of Christmas stuff for all the family coming soon so get fit and catch up on your favourites!



Send a special invite to your mother…

Did you know that 62% of mothers and daughters say that sharing a TV show helps build their relationship? And more than half of women (53%) wish they spoke to their mother more often?

Time spent together is precious.

Although most of the time I spend with my daughters is out and about or getting up to our elbows in flour, I admit I do love spending time with her watching Netflix and I’m probably one of the 62%, believing that it builds the relationship. Showing an interest in, and discussing an area of interest that she has shows I care, and she celebrates that in her own little way! She is 6 and so we watch things like Beat Bugs (singing to our hearts content!) and Ever After High! But with my own mother, we don’t get a chance to watch it all that much.

Beverly Hills, CA – November 16, 2016 – With the return of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, Netflix is giving mothers and daughters another way to bond.  On November 25, fans all over the world can reconnect through the mother of all TV shows…

More than half of mother-daughter duos surveyed (59%) report that post-show discussions are the best part of sharing a show together. In fact, watching together is so important that despite the distance, almost half of mums and daughters (41%) think watching together brings them closer.  Even though one third of mums and daughters surveyed live thirty or more minutes apart, over half have gone out of their way to physically watch together on many occasions.

The ultimate mother-daughter pair, Rory and Lorelai, know the benefits of sharing show-inspired inside jokes and witty one-liners. Whether you and your mum are die-hard fans or looking for your next binge together, Netflix is letting you send an invite for Date Night with your Mum.

No matter what kind of mother-daughter relationship it is, Gilmore has something for you. The survey found that globally, almost equal portions of mother-daughter relationships fall into the following three groups:

39% of respondents say they’re two peas in a pod, and are BFFs like Rory and Lorelai.


30% know it can be complicated like Lorelai and Emily, but they can’t imagine life without each other.


31% say they may be polar opposites like Lane and Mrs. Kim, but they just want what’s best for each other


Which invite will you be sending???