Pony Club Lottie Doll Review & Giveaway

During the Summer we were asked to be Lottie Doll Ambassadors and as part of this lovely invite, were given a Lottie Doll to call our own, to put her through the rigorous testing of a 6 year old, and of course let everyone know what we thought. We were also allocated one for a giveaway…….. below is our review and to enter the giveaway simply follow us and Lottie Dolls on Instagram. I will pick a winner on Nov 10th.
Firstly, for those who have not yet come across the brand, based in Donegal, Ireland, Lottie Dolls have been designed to encourage positive body image in little girls and boys alike. The age-appropriate design is modelled on the proportions of a 9-year-old, and the wide choice of costumes and occupations encourage gender equality. The first doll was created following 18 months of research which included discussions with retailers, industry experts, child psychologists, nutrition experts, parents and – most importantly – kids. Lottie dolls look like kids. They are dressed comfortably in clothes that are made from colourful and tactile fabrics. The play-sets encourage outdoor play.
The Pony Club Lottie not only goes riding, she also cares for her pony. She makes sure her pony is always well groomed, fed and ready for an adventure, and she never goes anywhere without her jodhpurs, helmet and riding boots too. This is what comes in the set:
  • Doll
  • Full ‘Pony Club’ costume
  • Pony with saddle and bridle

MT had just began Pony Club herself when the doll arrived and so the new language and skills learned everyday in club was reenacted afterwards with Lottie. She definitely sensed that Lottie was also a child, without me having to bring up the topic. I guess it was clear from the dolls body design. It was really nice to see MT dressing the doll with similar clothes that she would wear herself and not clothes that were out of her age range. MT made Lottie a dress herself for Pony Camp party day. MT loves anything crafty especially making clothes for dolls or her friends so this was great fun for her.


I think the Lottie Dolls encourage children to play as children and use child like language and content . I do also think role-play is important, so like games where there is a mommy who is doing the shopping etc, but it was very refreshing to see a child playing as a child with a child like doll. There are plenty of dolls to choose from for everyones interests and hobbies.


Lottie came on holidays with us and fit perfectly in our carry on. She entertained on the plane during the journey and while we were there. She was also good company while eating out.

From an educational point of view she’s a great doll for children needing practise in the area of fine motor control. Dressing Lottie and the horse require the use of the pincer grip which is used for writing and turning pages in a book.

We are officially fans and look forward to seeing more of Lottie and her friends in the future. We are also very fond of one of her new friends….. we’ll tell you more in another post.

Lottie Dolls are available online and in shops worldwide. There is something to suit everyones budget.

Until next time, have you got a Lottie Doll? Which one is your favourite?



Disclaimer: We were given one Pony Camp Lottie Doll in exchange for this review and competition. All opinions are our own.



Last Minute Christmas Rush


Yes, in case you haven’t noticed the mad rush for Christmas has started and will swiftly come to an end in the next 10 days, leaving you either frazzled …. or lovely and relaxed ready to pop the kettle on for one last cuppa as you track your online deliveries making their way to your home…. pre-wrapped!!!!… just kidding I lied about that part, although it is an add on with Amazon and possibly some others too.

So if you want to avoid feeling frazzled, I believe there is still time to cozy up with your laptop, do some shopping and then head out to the centre/mall for a hot chocolate and some people watching!

I’ve done some shopping this year with Debenhams and was very satisfied with my experience, from customer service down to the couriers who delivered from Nightline. I can’t go into detail on what I purchased as I would be giving away a few surprises on my nearest and dearest!

I’ve also shopped on Amazon. I send parcels to the U.S. & Italy every year, which I did again this year. Everyone loves the excitement of a parcel arriving at Christmas despite what’s inside. For both parcels I purchased from Irish companies and packaged and sent from home. However, for some last minute gifts I did shop on Amazon and have them delivered direct to the U.S., gift wrapped with a gift note. By doing this, you not only buy a better pressie because you avoid heavy postage fees but you can also have them arrive presented ready for under the tree (great for last minute missed Irish postal service situations!)

I am now back searching in the baby categories while gift shopping. We’ve had our own addition to the kitchen as well as a nephew and some friends babies! Recently I came across Water Babies which have some lovely gifts for babies to prepare them for lessons which they also sell gift vouchers for. These swimming lessons come highly recommended and if there is one skill we should all wish for our children to learn is swimming & water safety. Here is a link to their shop. I have ordered the Goggles – Aqua Sphere Moby Kids   €11.99 as a stocking filler. 

Do you have any other go to’s for those last minute shopping ideas? If so, let us know so we can all get set for the silly season and still have time to put the feet up before the dancing begins!

I did not receive any form of payment from any mentioned companies above for this blog piece. I simply volunteer the info to give those who need it a little nudge & help y’all get organised! And as always all opinions are my own (or My Toddlers!) –

Happy Shopping!



The 50 States by Sol Linero and Gabrielle Balkan

We were sent The 50 States by Mumsnet Blogger Network and asked to review it as part of a linky for the Wide Eyed Book Series. As always, all opinions are our own.

My first reaction of the book was the size and weight and the encyclopedia feel it had. It brought back childhood memories that have been swallowed up by recent technologies and I was excited to share it with MT. For more than one reason actually! She was born in the U.S. and so it has more value for us than just facts. It offers a connection and pride that can be lost by distance.

The book is in alphabetical order of all 50 states and offers interesting facts on each page like about successful people who began their career/were born in the said state, the capital of the state and interesting facts about local rivers, fish, fruit and flowers. It is very colourful and attractive for younger children as well as offering the written text for the older children. As if that wasn’t enough, there is a surprise at the back with two pages dedicated to all U.S. Presidents in Hall of Fame style and to the flags of each state. We have added it to our book shelf and will go back to it regularly.

Review: Slim Sonic Travel Toothbrush

I was asked to review The Stylish Sonic Toothbrush and after seeing the images sent in the request email jumped at the chance! I was immediately drawn to the colours and pretty design not to mention the way it’s packed away making it a very handy travel toothbrush. To see it in a handbag, one might think it is a perfume spray or a small make up brush case, maybe even a stylish pill box. 

When I used the brush, I liked the comfortable grip. It is definitely a travel toothbrush and I wouldn’t recommend substituting it for your everyday toothbrush, however, as a travel toothbrush it is electric and provides 22,000 brush strikes per minute. There is also a replaceable head in the box. It costs €12.95 which sounds pricey for a travel toothbrush but it seems durable and will last only having to replace the heads. It uses a AAA battery which does not come with your purchase. 

MT also loved the pretty design but said she’s going to stick to her Hello Kitty toothbrush!!